Saturday, 13 December 2014



Hello lovely readers, for this post I wanted to share with you some of the Accessories I use to decorate my room, there are only three but they are all really cute and I just wanted to share them with you all. I may do room tour type blog post in the future when it is completely decorated if anyone wants to see an read about that? 

But for now here are a few of my favourite home decorating accessories...

This Candle is so lovely, it smells just like sweets! I often just take the lid off it to fill the room with a sweet fragrance. It was a gift from couple of years ago but the scent is still there, I have never used it as a candle because I like it so much I just wanted to keep it as it is. It's also quite a strong smell so I like it just as it is.

This next item is a sort of DIY project, I got the blue/green frame from TKMaxx and just put in this Postcard of Audrey Hepburn I purchased (I think from Paperchase) a few years ago. I love th frame it has a modern shape but the colour makes it look rustic and traditional - a combination I really love.

And finally... I purchased this Camera Ornament from Next a few years ago, I love Camera's and really wanted a vintage on to put on my shelf as a sort of 'display piece' but I could never find the right one for me, so when I saw this mirrored Ornament I thought it was just so unique that I had to buy it. I think it just adds a bit of character to my room and really helps to portray part of my personality.

Hope you liked this post :)

Which item is your favourite?

Best wishes :)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014



Hello lovely readers, in this blog post I wanted to share with you some of the products I have been using lately. There are just a few but I thought they all worked really well so couldn't wait to tell you all about them. 
The first product I used up is the Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume - this smells really good and is the second bottle I have finished, I got this last year as gift and have used it lots throughout the time I had it, it's a lovely scent for the autumn and winter months as it has a 'warming' scent that I love to wear during the festive season.

The next product is the Figs and Rouge Hand Cream in Mango - I did like this cream as it did moisturise my hands well, but I wasn't really sure about the scent. I usually love all things Mango but the cream worked really well so I think I would try this again but just with a different fragrance. The small tube is also great for travelling so it's something you can easily carry around in you handbag.

The third product is the Mitchell and Peach Body Cream - This had an amazing scent and really helped to moisturise my skin. I only had a small sample of this but think it would be lovely to buy the full size. It smells that good that you don't really need any Perfume on.

This next product is something I use nearly every day - The Neutrogena Visably Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask is something I just love, I really like that it is a 2 in 1 product as this makes it more cost effective and also saves space. I love using this as a face was as it works quickly at removing dirt and Makeup, I also use this occasionally as a mask to clean and unclog pores, I only do this once or twice as week as I have quite sensitive skin. This is just a product I always end up going back to, so it's not a surprise that this is my third bottle. 

LOVE THIS ANANOMICALS FACIAL SPRITZ - This smells just like Lavender and works so well at refreshing my face. I just love this! It's great for a quick refresh and is a product I especially love in the warmer months.

The final product that I have used up is the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Cream - This did make me feel like my Nails were in a better condition and it has a nice subtle fragrance that I quite liked. I used this quite a lot during the day to help add extra moisture to my dry hands. I think this is a good product to keep in your bag or on your desk (that's where I keep mine).

Hope you liked this post :)
What products have you been using recently?

Best wishes from Lauren

Friday, 5 December 2014



Hello lovely readers, in today's blog post I am going to share some of the ways in organize my stuff on a budget. Having recently been a student I have tried to save money and spend it on what I really needed to buy (travel, books and stationary), so there was never really that much left over for decorating or buying organizers for my room. However, I have found a few inexpensive ways to get organized on a budget, I don't think you need to spend a lot to get organized it's just a matter of find what is right your you and your room decor/personal taste. 
I often like to keep my room quite empty, I don't like to have too much out on display (my makeup and makeup brushes are an exception of course) but I do like to have a few accent accessories out and about to keep the room looking more 'homely'. 
The majority of my things are divided up and put into a few pieces of furniture I purchased from Ikea, like the Malm Drawers and Desk and a few Expedit's which also contain decorative material boxes that are also from Ikea. I often use these to divide up what I own. This way they are relatively well organized and everything is easy to find and access. 

As well as furniture, small boxes (I often use glossy boxes) can be used to divide up your drawers and create individual sections, this is an inexpensive way to divide up what you own. I often use this idea to organize my Socks and Bath/Shower products. There small boxes can also be used to store Stationary, Nail Polish and other small accessories. 
I use an idea similar to this to store my Nail Polishes as I use a Hat Box I was given as a gift to store my Nail Polishes. Using a decorative box will keep your room looking pretty but it will also keep your stuff dust free, which is always good for me.

Similar to other Bloggers, I also use the Ikea Plant Pots to organize my hair and makeup brushes. I think this is a great idea as it keeps them together and easy to grab on the go. 

I also like to use small Jars and tins to organize samples that I have found in Magazines as well as travel size products I have purchased for travelling. I like to put these in a small vintage style tin I have, this way they are hidden away but are still in a place that I can find them.

How do you store your Makeup/Accessories?

Best wishes from Lauren :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014



Hello lovely readers in this blog post I wanted to share with you some of my tips for de-cluttering makeup. I like to sort through my makeup regularly and sort out what's old, what's new and what's been open and for how long. I like to use what I have but I want to make sure everything is still in date and 'fresh' enough to use. 

The first this I do is look through the items that I use on a regular basis (I usually like to keep products together that are seasonal) and sort through these first to see what is still 'fresh' and 'usable' and what needs to be thrown away. 
I don't throw that much away as I like to make products cost effective, but if they are not working of the packaging is broken (for example the lid is cracked) I will usually throw these away, as it can be quite sharp. (This recently happened to me with a Lip Crayon that had a broken lid).

If there is a product that is unopened and doesn't really work for me but still is really nice and can be used again I will either pass this on to my Sister of Mum so that they can use it in the future. 

After sorting out what I use regularly I will add new products that are new or relevant to the season (for example adding dark red Lipsticks for Autumn).  This way I can use what is 'on trend' but also try out new products and create new makeup looks.

After doing this I will give my makeup a 'general tidy' and organize the products by type - All eye products together, all lip products together and and all face products together. This way everything can be clearly seen and is easier to access and organize in the future. 



Hope you liked this post :)   How do you store you Makeup?

Saturday, 8 November 2014



Hello lovely readers, for today's blog post I wanted to share with you some of the steps I have been taking to try and get organised over the last few years. I really do want to get my room tidy and just become more organised in general so there are a number of tasks I set for myself that I like to carry out during each month of the year. Of course there is the usual... clean and polish my room, hoover up every few days, changed bedding at least once a week etc. But there are also other practices that I like to put into place in order to try and become a more organised and tidy person. Things like...

1. Every week or so I declutter paperwork by filling most of it away in small plastic wallets, this helps to keep it all neat and dust free as well as making it less likely to become creased in a cupboard somewhere. 

2. Every few months I like to recycle old Magazines or free booklets that I have picked up whilst out and about, these soon build up and start to take up a lot of space. I like to stick to this rule - I like to keep magazines that are Special Edition or if it is under six months old so it still applies to the same season. After I sort out these magazines I like to recycle them so that they can be re-used again for something else, making it better for the environment too.

3. Sorting out through my drawers every few weeks to re-arrange clothing that has been moved or is not in its designated drawer is also something I like to do often as it means that clothing remains easy to find and I begin to find a place for everything.

4. Organizing my Makeup and Accessories every few months (seasonally) also helps to keep me organised, it also means that I begin to use more of what I have instead of wasting anything. I used to hate opening more that one Lipstick at a time but I began to realize that I would probably just have to wear that same shade everyday even if I didn't want to. So I slowly began to open just a few more and switched them around so that I began to use more of them and more often. 

5. Buying less and using more of what I already have - Instead of me buying something every time I see something I like I have begun to start using up the products/clothing that I already own. I am trying to do a sort of 'Project Pan' with some of my hair styling products, I have too many for one person so I am trying not to buy so many and just use up what I have. The only products I will still continue to buy are Shampoo/Conditioner/Heat Styling Spray. This is just a project until the end of the year, but I can already tell that its helping me create more space and becoming cost effective as I don't buy as much. I have written a blog post on this so you can always check that out if you would like to :)

Hope you liked this post :) What ways do you like to keep organised?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween Inspired Nail Colours - Part 1


Hello lovely readers, for today's post I wanted to share with you some of the Nail Polishes I own that would be really great to wear over Halloween. I've chosen a few of my favourite shades so I wanted to share them with you. There will be two parts to this post, this post contains Nail Polishes from Barry M, Rimmel, 17 and Models Own and part two of this post includes shades from other Nail Polish Brands.

Here are the one's that I have chosen for this post...

1. Rimmel Wear Maxx Nail Polish in shade Celebrity Bash - Lycra + Minerals   - A deep red with dark undertones
2. 17  Lasting Fix Nail Polish in shade 21 - A dark purple that is perfect for a daytime vampy look
3.  MUA Nail Varnish in shade 17 - A dark glittery/shimmery Navy with glitter particles running throughout 

                                    4. Barry M Nail Paint in shade 27 - A dark toned Pink/Purple
              5. Barry M Nail Paint in shade 292 - A dark shimmery Navy (similar to the MUA shade but                                                 with shimmer instead of glitter running through it)
6. Models Own Nail Polish in Thunder and Lightening - A dark Polish with colourful glitter particles - a lovely Polish for a night out or special occasion 

Hope you liked this post :)

Which Nail Polish shade is your favourite?

Best wishes :) 

Saturday, 11 October 2014



Hello lovely readers, I just wanted to write a quick post to share with you some of the products I've used up recently. There's everything from hair products to a few beauty essentials too. I have started to keep my Empties in a box so there should be some more Empties posts coming soon, so if you like those kinds of posts just let me know and I will update my blog with those posts more often :)

I have just a few items to share with you, my favourite is the Collection Under Eye High-lighting Concealer (sorry about the packaging I've used it that much it has worn away), I love this it really works well at highlighting under the eyes, I like to use this everyday for a brightening effect as I have dark circles under my eyes. 
I also really like the Collection Perfection Concealer (this is just an everyday essential for me).
I also like this Tresemme' Heat Protection Spray - it smells really fresh and keeps my hair feeling hydrated and shiny.
Also for hair, this Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent Fresh helps to add volume to my hair and adds a subtle clean scent.
And Finally this Vaseline Roll On Deodorant has a strong scent but does work really well and keeping fresh and clean.

What products have you been loving recently?

Best wishes :)